CfP: Writing Political Economy, 1750-1850

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Please see below for a Call for Papers for a conference on political economy in the Romantic century – this will take place at Sussex in January next year and has some exciting plenary speakers already attached.

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Writing Political Economy, 1750-1850
School of English, University of Sussex


‘Writing Political Economy, 1750-1850′ will be a two-day conference to be hosted by the School of English at the University of Sussex, UK from 15th-16th January, 2016. The event will feature plenary talks from Professor Mary Poovey (NYU) and Professor Peter de Bolla (Cambridge), and will bring together those currently working on and with political economy in literary studies and the humanities more broadly.

We are now accepting proposals for twenty-minute papers addressing political economy between 1750 and 1850. We invite papers which address the discourse of political economy from one of the perspectives sketched out below. Also welcome are papers which consider how current concerns over financial crises and the social and cultural consequences of capitalism resonate through such work, or which consider what pressure is being put on the study of political economy by current debates surrounding neoliberalism and its alternatives.

Proposals for papers should be …read more