Blake and I (and the Red Dragon)

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By Eric Loy

By Margaret Speer

A couple of weeks ago, in a carpe diem moment of this, my last summer as an undergraduate bum, I found myself in the wonder emporium of my cousin’s basement. My cousin and her friends suggested we watch the prequel to The Silence of the Lambs, which is an old family favorite. I had never seen the film in question. In fact, I didn’t even really know there was a prequel. There is, though, and it’s called Red Dragon.

Here’s the way Wikipedia describes the part of the film relevant to this blog post:

A serial killer, nicknamed “The Tooth Fairy,” appears . . . “The Tooth Fairy” is actually a psychotic named Francis Dolarhyde who kills at the behest of an alternate personality he calls “The Great Red Dragon.” He is obsessed with the William Blake painting The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed [with the] Sun, and believes that each victim he “changes” brings him closer to “becoming” the Dragon. His pathology is born from the severe abuse he suffered at the hands of his sadistic grandmother, since he was orphaned after his parents died at young age . . …read more