Spelling Lessons

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By Mary Learner

In the six months since my last blog post, I have continued working through Adam McCune’s wordlists to check for misspellings in Blake: An Illustrated Quarterly. I have moved from lowercase to uppercase, from s-z to S-Z. I’m about 60% through the second list, and have been training with Katherine Calvin to work on image markup next, a process which Adam Engel has described in a previous post. My time spent sporadically drifting between issues, my editorial swerve guided by individual words, is coming to an end (at least for now). But as I move away from this task, I would be remiss if I did not mention how much I have learned in the process of wandering through the randomness of single-occurrence words.

For instance, as I moved through the list, I have compiled my own mini-dictionary full of vocabulary I was struck by, which I plan on using for future lexicon inspiration:

I’ve also been amazed by the miscellaneous information I’ve come across while skimming articles for context: various historical figures and events of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, contemporary poetry inspired by Blake, and the philosophers, critics, artists, scholars, and literary characters that I have read …read more

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