Throwing out and linking in

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By Sarah Jones

A tension between Morris and me (more of a comic routine, really) is that I’m always throwing out things in which he sees value. By value, I mean value for posterity. For instance, this summer I purged the filing cabinet in my office of files for some old Blake Quarterly issues, much to his dismay. We joke that at least I don’t work in rare books (The Gutenberg Bible? That old thing? I put it in the bin last week).

But now I’ve done something that even Morris doesn’t object to—a while ago I thinned our stock of back issues from an entire downstairs storeroom

to a single bookcase outside my office


Previously every issue had its own box; now there’s a box for each volume (four issues). In a post in March 2015 I mentioned the coming of this day, and indeed the online repository of back issues has reduced the need for a large number of hard copies. In thinking about this post last night I planned to add that I hadn’t received a request for a hard-copy issue in months; of course …read more