Writing beyond the self …

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I’m just back from teaching a week-long residential writing course with friend and collaborator Ty Newydd, July 2014


Cornwall’s poem had been inspired by a grisly short story written in the voice of a murderer, Gosschen’s Diary (1818), penned by Keats’s reviewing bete noir, J. G. Lockhart. Both Cornwall’s verse drama and Lockhart’s gothic story in turn became major influences on Browning’s “Porphyria’s Lover” – an intriguing “escape route” for an experimental aspect of Romantic aesthetic into the Victorian age.

The week, spent with such a wonderful group of inspiring and talented writers at Ty Newydd – given additional spice by superb readings from the poet Kathryn Simmonds and writer and activist Kevin Powell – sent me back to the Romantics in other ways. Damian and I wished to address the dramatic monologue as a form that takes us “beyond self” to get back to self, an approach that offered a different “take” on the post-Romantic “I” in contemporary poetry, where Romanticism’s self-representation as the only veridical, authentic mode of composition predicated on the heroic articulation of first-hand experience still has currency. We wanted our thrown voices to resist the post-Romantic …read more

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