Blake Camp 2014: Day 2

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By Morris Eaves

Continued from Wednesday’s post, Part 1 Recap of Blake Camp 2014. Also see Morris’s Brief History of Blake Camp.

DAY 2, Friday 14 June

Session 5

E-books, Search Terms, and New Image Sources

We begin with a long discussion of the pros and cons of issuing e-book editions of works in the Archive—focusing perhaps on developing Blake’s most popular and widely studied works in responsive portable formats. Among many other issues discussed are the thorny problems of copyright.

Bob Essick leads a discussion of “search terms” (the extensive list of keywords that are basic components of our image-search capability). As new works are added to the Archive, the list of terms grows. The question is always how to keep the list up to date, clean, and consistent.

We discuss the possible uses of image sources such as ArtStor but couldn’t see any in the short term. Too many problems stand in the way.

Session 6


Archive bibliographer Mark Crosby calls our attention to the Wikipedia entry on the Archive that was initiated earlier this year by students at Kansas State. Of course we don’t and can’t control the entry, but we want to monitor it …read more