Institutions as Curators: In the Books

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By msangster

Many thanks to all the speakers and attendees who came to our ‘Institutions as Curators’ workshop, which took place last Friday and Saturday (31st March and 1st of April). It was a really productive couple of days, with a series of excellent talks from all involved that sparked a wide-ranging series of discussions about (among other things):

  • How to periodise institutional developments.
  • The often-occluded importance of the profit motive.
  • The value of the curation metaphor.
  • The importance of classification systems and the world views that they instantiate.
  • How to negotiate and interpret lacunae in surviving records.
  • The ways that heritage collections can best be employed in modern institutional spaces and collaborations.
  • The manners in which modern technologies open up new possibilities for data-driven observations.
  • How institutions deal (or fail to deal) with the deaths or retirements of key individuals who guard their values or who serve as repositories of institutional memory.
  • The ways that institutions replaced the former functions of the church and the manners in which literary writers self-consciously appealed back to church-focused models of virtue.
  • The manners in which literary writings have represented and attempted to regulate the affective power of institutional collections.
  • The ways in which institutions deal with post-Romantic authorship, and their tendency to write their …read more