Blake Quarterly back issues in the Blake Archive

By Sarah Jones

Blake Quarterly storeroom

In December the Blake Archive opened a new “wing” <> dedicated to back issues of the Blake Quarterly journal (the archive and quarterly have an editor in common, Morris Eaves, so it’s a natural marriage). The first installment covers issues from 2000-09, presented in both HTML and PDF versions.

This is a huge step toward making the journal more accessible; previously the hard copy issues (those produced before we went online in 2011) were available only from a library or from me at the journal office.

It’s also testament to the hard work of many people at UNC Chapel Hill; I remember sending a huge box of issues for scanning about 5 years ago, and ever since a number of archive assistants have worked steadily on replacing grayscale images with color images from the archive, tagging, and checking. All kinds of thorny questions arise—should a mistake in the journal be corrected or left as is? If an image of a commercial engraving is from one institution and the archive has an image from another source, is a substitution acceptable, and how should it be noted? Like many archive projects, it’s exacting and challenging work on a large scale.

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