Slumbering Lions and Magic Money Trees …

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1. “Ye are many – they are few”
​Britain continues to experience the aftershocks of perhaps the most divisive General Election since Clement Atlee’s Labour Party ousted Winston Churchill’s Tories in 1945. With Labour’s narrow defeat on 8 June 2017, the National Health Service and other key public services remain vulnerable to a relentless programme of state shrinking. By the same token, deregulation, a 1% public sector pay cap and the removal of Welfare State safety nets will reduce further the living standards and life chances of low earners, children and vulnerable citizens throughout the UK. In the last year, over a million people – the homeless, ill, unemployed, veterans, single parents, nurses – were forced to rely on food banks. Incredible as it may seem in the tenth most prosperous country in the world, bare-ribbed Austerity continues to stalk the land.
It might seem a reasonable assumption that any UK government would aspire to create the conditions in which the majority of the nation’s inhabitants can flourish, and realise their aspirations, rather than load the dice so that an already privileged, overwhelmingly privately educated and health-insured elite …read more