Matthew Sangster on Institutions as Networks

By msangster

We’ve now held the second workshop in the ‘Institutions of Literature, 1700-1900′ series, ‘Institutions as Networks’; this took place at the Society of Antiquaries in London last week (on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th of July). As with the previous ‘Institutions as Curators’ workshop, there were a wide range of fascinating contributions from our participants; the papers were of a universally high standard and opened up a whole series of issues that we hope to address collaboratively in the remaining time that this network will run and through further successor projects. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing a series of blog posts from our contributors, which will display the range and scope of the material covered. To kick off this blog post series, I thought I’d write up four observations that I put together as part of my contribution to the final roundtable, which responded to the workshop as a whole.

  1. While the title ‘Institutions of Literature, 1700-1900′ was already put under pressure in the previous workshop in Glasgow, the London workshop further problematised every element of that title, including ‘of’. We spent a considerable amount of time discussing what an institution might be …read more