Blake in Photoshop (Part 1 of…)

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By Eric Loy

Screenshot Blake in Photoshop JPEG 500

We’ve blogged quite a bit about our recent work creating an experimental edition of The Four Zoas. That sort of work has been on the encoding/display end of things. And while that work is ongoing, I’ve since become occupied with digital imaging and the potential editorial/archival uses for digital software, like Adobe Photoshop.

When I first sat down to a computer with some of these questions in mind, it took about five minutes to realize I needed full, lossless, high-resolution files to see anything in meaningful detail. I was able to work out a few techniques for recovering faded text (which I will blog about in the future), but some immediate questions our Rochester group had involved compressed files vs. high-resolution. So, dear reader, if you’ll permit me, today I’m going to respond to the group in blog form with some quick explanations and comparative screenshots.


The Blake Archive is, of course, a web-based archive. Accordingly, it must make the usual efficiency decisions that all websites must make in terms of balancing quality with usability (e.g. loading speeds).

For the Archive, images of all edited objects live in two basic version: archived TIFF files …read more