Call for papers – a Palgrave special issue on ‘Monsters: interdisciplinary explorations of monstrosity’

By Anna Mercer

‘Monsters: interdisciplinary explorations of monstrosity’

Palgrave Communications the open access journal from Palgrave Macmillan (part of Springer Nature), which publishes research across the humanities and social sciences, is currently inviting article proposals and full papers for a research collection (‘special issue’) on ‘Monsters: interdisciplinary explorations of monstrosity‘.

This collection is being edited by: Dr Sibylle Erle (Reader in English Literature), Dr Pat Beckley (Senior Lecturer in the School of Teacher Development) and Dr Helen Hendry (Senior Lecturer in Education Studies, Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln, UK)

Collection scope

There is a continued fascination with all things monsters, which is partly due to the critical and popular reception of Mary Shelley’s creature termed a ‘new species’ by its ambitious and over-reading creator. Victor Frankenstein regards himself a scientist, but his creature’s existence is bodged from the start. The aim of this ‘Monsters’ collection of articles is therefore to examine the legacy of Shelley’s novel as well as the different incarnations of monsters in contemporary research and teaching contexts. Attempting to explain the appeal of Shelley’s story, this collection offers a unique opportunity to promote dialogue between the social sciences and the humanities.

Paper are invited that explore the concepts of monsters, monstrosity and the …read more