New issue of European Romantic Review

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By Emily Paterson-Morgan

The European Romantic Review is delighted to announce the publication of ERR 31.3 (June 2020), the NASSR “Romantic Elements” issue guest edited by Timothy Campbell. In his words, the issue includes works addressing “direct and urgent consideration of what it must or could mean now to pursue first principles, essential components, or primary qualities of Romanticism, whether through more intensive or expansive recovery of a deep archival past or through closer (albeit more dispersed) attention to what has stood before, outlasted, and thereby evaded the critical trends and transformations we have found easier to recognize and address.”

Contents include papers by Timothy Campbell, Jocelyn Holland, Daniel Stout, Ian Balfour, Manu Samriti Chander, Suh-Reen Han, Andrew Sargent, Karen Weisman, Alice Rhodes, Adam Kozaczka, and Trevor McMichael, as well as shorter panel pieces celebrating new books and pedagogy.

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