Conference Report – BARS PGR and ECR Conference 2020: Romantic Futurities (12-13 June)

By Anna Mercer

A report by Alastair Dawson and Vinita Singh

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Each new year and theme makes every BARS postgraduate and early-career researcher conference a unique academic experience, and this tradition continued into 2020. Of course, this year, thanks to worldwide lockdowns and bans on large group gatherings, this conference was unique in more ways than one. A herculean effort by organisers (Colette Davies, Amanda Davies, and Paul Stephens) and 37 accepted speakers managed to move mountains (or, in this case, papers) onto an online platform. With such a plethora of academic delights to choose from, some 200 delegates took part in the conference across the weekend, with just shy of a hundred in most of the live workshops and keynote sessions. Indeed, freed from the physical and geographical constraints of a typical conference venue (although delegates are still hoping to make it to Keats House, Hampstead in future), scholars from right across the globe were able to come together in the cloud, and many of us left the conference with minds abuzz with the possibilities of future digital elements in academic conferencing.

It was not merely the geographical and physical …read more