Conference Report: North West Long Nineteenth Century Seminar, 15 July 2020

By Anna Mercer

Below is a report from the North West Long Nineteenth Century Seminar, 15 July 2020 by Rob Sutton (PhD candidate, Manchester Metropolitan University).

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July’s seminar was hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University and was co-organised by Dr Emma Liggins and Dr Sonja Lawrenson, both of Manchester Metropolitan University. Due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, the seminar was run virtually, via the Zoom networking app. Despite the organisers’ and speakers’ complete reliance upon technology and internet connections, the afternoon progressed pleasantly, and without any major hitches. The first paper, “Mapping Economic Mobility through Work in the Fictions of Daniel Defoe and Maria Edgeworth”, was presented by Dr Heather Zuber (City University of New York). This talk comprised an intriguing analysis of the possible correlation between geographical movement and economic advancement in the fictional works of Daniel Defoe and Maria Edgeworth. In order to explicate her theory, Dr Zuber incorporated GIS (Geographic Information System) to map and mark the distance travelled by various protagonists in these fictional works, demonstrating how those who travelled the furthest also tended to accrue the most wealth.

The prospect of tracing the movement …read more