Publication announcement: The Cambridge History of the Gothic

By Emily Paterson-Morgan

The editors are delighted to announce that the following volumes are now available in print, and will be available as in electronic form from the 6th August, 2020:

Volume I, Gothic in the Long Eighteenth Century eds. Angela Wright and Dale Townshend

Volume II, Gothic in the Nineteenth Century, eds. Dale Townshend and Angela Wright

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‘How to write the history of a cultural mode that, for all its abiding fascination with the past, has challenged and complicated received notions of history from the very start? The Cambridge History of the Gothic rises to this challenge, charting the history of the Gothic even as it reflects continuously upon the mode’s tendency to question, subvert and render incomplete all linear historical narratives. Resolutely interdisciplinary in focus, the series extends its critical focus well beyond literature and film to discussions of Gothic historiography, politics, art, architectre and counterculture. Attentive to the ways in which history has been refracted through a Gothic lens, these volumes are as keen to chart the inscription of Gothic in some of the formative events of Western history as they are to provide a history of the Gothic mode itself. Written by an international cast of contributors, …read more