Angels and Armed Women: Lectures in Literature via Durham University

By Emily Paterson-Morgan

Free Public Lectures on Zoom, 17:30 BST Wednesday 9 September 2020

17:30 BST Wednesday 9th September 2020

Dr Sarah Burdett (University of Warwick)
The Actress’s Body in the Audience’s Mind: Receptions of Armed Women in the British Theatre, 1789-1815
In the period of the French Revolution, the arms-bearing woman came to stand in Britain as a representative of extreme political and social disruption. Magnifying heroines who appear on stage brandishing daggers, and even firing explosives, this lecture makes a case for viewing the British theatre as an arena in which the significance of the armed woman is constantly re-modelled and re-appropriated to fulfil diverse ideological functions.

Caitlin Rankin-McCabe (Durham University)
‘Banish the body from your mind’: Bodiless Angels in the Early Modern Imagination
The existence of angels in early modern England was undisputed. However, people’s understanding of angels was certainly not clear or uniform. As idolatrous images of the Virgin Mary, Saints and Angels were taken down and removed from churches across England, how were writers responding to this removal of visual representation?

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