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The Problem of Metamarks

By harper1387 This semester we’re looking at some of the unique features of the Bake marginalia, and some of the challenges of representing them accurately with TEI elements. One element… Read more »

Spelling Lessons

By Mary Learner In the six months since my last blog post, I have continued working through Adam McCune’s wordlists to check for misspellings in Blake: An Illustrated Quarterly. I… Read more »

John Keats and Urban Time

By admin RE: To Joseph Severn, 1 November 1816 Matthew Sangster (University of Glasgow) …read more Source::

Letter #7: To Joseph Severn, 1 November 1816

By admin Keats’s first letter to Joseph Severn, who would go down to posterity as, simply, “the Friend of Keats.” …read more Source::