BARS/BAVS Nineteenth-Century Matters Early Career Fellowship

The BARS/BAVS Nineteenth-Century Matters Early Career Fellowship

Nineteenth-Century Matters is an initiative jointly run by the British Association for Romantic Studies and the British Association for Victorian Studies.  It is aimed at postdoctoral researchers who have completed their PhD, but who are not currently employed in a full-time academic post.  Nineteenth-Century Matters will offer these unaffiliated early career researchers a platform from which to organise professionalization workshops and research seminars on a theme related to nineteenth-century studies, relevant to the host institution’s specialisms.  The focus should be on the nineteenth century, rather than on Romanticism or Victorianism.

The first Nineteenth-Century Matters fellow, Dr Catherine Paula Han, was based at Chawton House Library and the University of Southampton, where she organised a successful Public Engagement Training Day, which was written up by Jess Hynes for the BARS Blog.

The second Nineteenth-Century Matters fellow, Dr Clare Stainthorp, was based at Cardiff University.  Clare organised a training day on Navigating the REF.

The third Nineteenth-Century Matters fellow, Dr Eleanor Bird, was based at Lancaster University.  Eleanor organised a training day on digital mapping.

The fourth fellow will be based at the University of Surrey.  Applications close on 22nd August 2019.

The Fellowship is advertised jointly each year by BARS and BAVS through their websites, mailing lists and social media.