No 43 (2013)

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Anne Anderson, Sibylle Erle, Laurie Garrison, Verity Hunt, Phoebe Putnam and Peter West, eds., Panoramas, 1787-1900: Texts and Contexts HTML PDF
Philip Shaw
John Barrell, Edward Pugh of Ruthin, 1763-1813: ‘A Native Artist’ HTML PDF
Christiana Payne
Genesis: William Blake’s Last Illuminated Work. Edited, with a commentary, by Mark Crosby and Robert N. Essick HTML PDF
Helen P. Bruder
David Hopkins and Charles Martindale, eds., The Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature, Volume 3: 1660-1790 HTML PDF
Henry Stead
Stephen Gill, Wordsworth’s Revisitings HTML PDF
Sally Bushell
Carla Pomarè, Byron and the Discourses of History HTML PDF
Alex Watson
Michael O’Neill, Mark Sandy and Sarah Wootton, eds., Venice and the Cultural Imagination: ‘This Strange Dream upon the Water’ HTML PDF
Jane Stabler
Joselyn M. Almeida, Reimagining the Transatlantic, 1780–1890 HTML PDF
Omar F. Miranda
Robin Jarvis, Romantic Readers and Transatlantic Travel: Expeditions and Tours in North America, 1760-1840 and Tony Lurcock, ‘Not So Barren or Uncultivated’: British Travellers in Finland, 1760-1830 HTML PDF
Carl Thompson
Mark Canuel, Justice, Dissent, and the Sublime HTML PDF
Mark Schoenfield
Christopher Reid, Imprison’d Wranglers: The Rhetorical Culture of the House of Commons 1760-1800 HTML PDF
David Francis Taylor
Helena Bergmann, A Revised Reading of Mary Hays’ Philosophical Novel Memoirs of Emma Courtney (1796) and Judith Thompson, John Thelwall in the Wordsworth Circle: The Silenced Partner HTML PDF
Miriam L. Wallace
James Vigus, ed., Informal Romanticism HTML PDF
James Grande
Gregory Dart, Metropolitan Art and Literature, 1810-1840: Cockney Adventures HTML PDF
Thora Brylowe
General Editors: Leigh Wetherall Dickson and Allan Ingram; Volume Editors: David Walker, Anita O’Connell and Michelle Faubert, Depression and Melancholy, 1660-1800 HTML PDF
Monika Class
Shahidha K. Bari, Keats and Philosophy: The Life of Sensations HTML PDF
Carmen Casaliggi
Kamilla Elliott, Portraiture and British Gothic Fiction: The Rise of Picture Identification, 1764-1835 and Angela Wright, Britain, France and the Gothic, 1764-1820: The Import of Terror HTML PDF
Diego Saglia
Christina Morin, Charles Robert Maturin and the Haunting of Irish Romantic Fiction HTML PDF
Deborah Russell
Michael R. Page, The Literary Imagination from Erasmus Darwin to H.G. Wells: Science, Evolution, and Ecology HTML PDF
Andrew Burkett
Lana Asfour, Laurence Sterne in France and Andrew Cusack and Barry Murnane, eds., Popular Revenants: The German Gothic and Its International Reception, 1800-2000 HTML PDF
Catalin Ghita
Lorna Fitzsimmons, ed., International Faust Studies: Adaptation, Reception, Translation HTML PDF
Judith Purver
Judy King and Graham Tulloch, eds., James Hogg, The Three Perils of Man; or, War, Women, and Witchcraft, A Border Romance and Thomas C. Richardson, ed., James Hogg, Contributions to Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 2: 1829-1835 HTML PDF
Gerard Lee McKeever
Ffion Mair Jones, ‘The Bard is a Very Singular Character’: Iolo Morganwg, Marginalia and Print Culture and Ffion Mair Jones, ed., Welsh Ballads of the French Revolution 1793-1815 HTML PDF
Stephen Colclough
Freya Johnson and Lynda Mugglestone, eds., Samuel Johnson: The Arc of the Pendulum HTML PDF
Jack Lynch
Rowan Boyson, Wordsworth and the Enlightenment Idea of Pleasure HTML PDF
Emma Mason
Brian R. Bates, Wordsworth’s Poetic Collections, Supplementary Writing and Parodic Reception HTML PDF
Elias Greig
Laura Dabundo, The Marriage of Faith: Christianity in Jane Austen and William Wordsworth HTML PDF
Judyta Frodyma
June Sturrock, Jane Austen’s Families HTML PDF
Lorraine Clark
Elsie B. Michie, The Vulgar Question of Money: Heiresses, Materialism, and the Novel of Manners from Jane Austen to Henry James HTML PDF
Richard Lansdown
Matthew Bevis, The Art of Eloquence: Byron, Dickens, Tennyson, Joyce HTML PDF
Anna Camilleri
Lisa Plummer Crafton, Transgressive Theatricality, Romanticism, and Mary Wollstonecraft HTML PDF
Sophie Rudland
Ben P. Robertson, Elizabeth Inchbald’s Reputation: A Publishing and Reception History HTML PDF
Geremy Carnes
Kathryn R. King, A Political Biography of Eliza Haywood HTML PDF
Claudine van Hensbergen

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