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No 48 (2016) Kevin Gilmartin, William Hazlitt: Political Essayist Abstract   HTML   PDF
Tristram Wolff
No 45 (2015) Kevin Hutchings and Julia M. Wright, eds., Transatlantic Literary Exchanges 1790-1870 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jeanne Cortiel
No 45 (2015) Kirstin Collins Hanley, Mary Wollstonecraft, Pedagogy, and the Practice of Feminism Abstract   HTML   PDF
Lisa Vargo
No 50 (2017) Kristina Mendicino, Prophecies of Language: The Confusion of Tongues in German Romanticism Abstract   HTML   PDF
James Vigus
No 43 (2013) Lana Asfour, Laurence Sterne in France and Andrew Cusack and Barry Murnane, eds., Popular Revenants: The German Gothic and Its International Reception, 1800-2000 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Catalin Ghita
No 43 (2013) Laura Dabundo, The Marriage of Faith: Christianity in Jane Austen and William Wordsworth Abstract   HTML   PDF
Judyta Frodyma
No 47 (2016) Laura Kirkley, ed., Caroline of Lichtfield by Isabelle de Montolieu. Trans. Thomas Holcroft Abstract   HTML   PDF
Isabelle Bour
No 49 (2017) Liam Lenihan, The Writings of James Barry and the Genre of History Painting, 1775-1809 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Christopher Rovee
No 51 (2018) Lily Gurton-Wachter, Watchwords: Romanticism and the Poetics of Attention Abstract   HTML   PDF
Andrew Franta
No 46 (2015) Lisa Feurzeig, Schubert’s Lieder and the Philosophy of Early German Romanticism Abstract   HTML   PDF
Kristina Muxfeldt
No 50 (2017) Lisa Ottum and Seth T. Reno, eds, Wordsworth and the Green Romantics: Affect and Ecology in the Nineteenth Century Abstract   HTML   PDF
Viona Au Yeung
No 43 (2013) Lisa Plummer Crafton, Transgressive Theatricality, Romanticism, and Mary Wollstonecraft Abstract   HTML   PDF
Sophie Rudland
No 43 (2013) Lorna Fitzsimmons, ed., International Faust Studies: Adaptation, Reception, Translation Abstract   HTML   PDF
Judith Purver
No 48 (2016) Louise Curran, Samuel Richardson and the Art of Letter-Writing Abstract   HTML   PDF
Rachel Sulich
No 52 (2018) Madeleine Callaghan, Shelley’s Living Artistry: Poems, Letters, Plays Abstract   HTML   PDF
Christopher Stokes
No 54 (2020) Madeleine Callaghan, The Poet-Hero in the Work of Byron and Shelley Abstract   HTML   PDF
Francesco Marchionni
No 44 (2014) Marianne Van Remoortel, Lives of the Sonnet, 1787 -1895: Genre, Gender and Criticism Abstract   HTML   PDF
Lee O'Brien
No 48 (2016) Marie Mulvey-Roberts, ed., Literary Bristol: Writers and the City Abstract   HTML   PDF
Paul Cheshire
No 49 (2017) Marilyn Butler, Mapping Mythologies: Countercurrents in Eighteenth-Century British Poetry and Cultural History Abstract   HTML   PDF
Chris Bundock
No 46 (2015) Marisa Linton, Choosing Terror: Virtue, Friendship and Authenticity in the French Revolution Abstract   HTML   PDF
Joseph Clarke
No 43 (2013) Mark Canuel, Justice, Dissent, and the Sublime Abstract   HTML   PDF
Mark Schoenfield
No 49 (2017) Mark Canuel, ed., British Romanticism: Criticism and Debates Abstract   HTML   PDF
Octavia Cox
No 45 (2015) Mark Crosby, Troy Patenaude and Angus Whitehead, eds., Re-Envisioning Blake and Andrew M. Cooper, William Blake and the Productions of Time Abstract   HTML   PDF
Steve Vine
No 51 (2018) Mark J. Bruhn, Wordsworth Before Coleridge: The Growth of the Poet’s Philosophical Mind, 1785-1797 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Adam Potkay
No 49 (2017) Mark J. Bruhn and Donald R. Wehrs, eds., Cognition, Literature, and History Abstract   HTML   PDF
Niall Gildea
No 46 (2015) Mark Philp, Reforming Ideas in Britain: Politics and Language in the Shadow of the French Revolution 1789-1815 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Amanda Goodrich
No 46 (2015) Mark Sandy, Romanticism, Memory, and Mourning Abstract   HTML   PDF
Tim Chiou
No 54 (2020) Mark Vareschi, Everywhere and Nowhere: Anonymity and Mediation in Eighteenth-Century Britain Abstract   HTML   PDF
Gerald Egan
No 48 (2016) Martha C. Nussbaum and Alison L. LaCroix, eds., Subversion and Sympathy: Gender, Law, and the British Novel Abstract   HTML   PDF
Céline Sabiron
No 46 (2015) Martin Blocksidge, The Banker Poet: The Rise and Fall of Samuel Rogers Abstract   HTML   PDF
Charlotte May
No 46 (2015) Martin Priestman, The Poetry of Erasmus Darwin: Enlightened Spaces, Romantic Times Abstract   HTML   PDF
Trevor H. Levere
No 46 (2015) Mary Brunton, Self-Control, ed. Anthony Mandal and Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade, In Search of Jane Austen: The Language of the Letters Abstract   HTML   PDF
Katie Halsey
No 49 (2017) Mary Fairclough, The Romantic Crowd: Sympathy, Controversy and Print Culture Abstract   HTML   PDF
David Fallon
No 48 (2016) Mary O’Connell, Byron and John Murray: A Poet and His Publisher Abstract   HTML   PDF
Charlotte May
No 44 (2014) Mary-Ann Constantine and Dafydd Johnston, ‘Footsteps of Liberty and Revolt’: Essays on Wales and the French Revolution Abstract   HTML   PDF
David Andress
No 43 (2013) Matthew Bevis, The Art of Eloquence: Byron, Dickens, Tennyson, Joyce Abstract   HTML   PDF
Anna Camilleri
No 49 (2017) Matthew Wickman, Literature After Euclid: The Geometric Imagination in the Long Scottish Enlightenment Abstract   HTML   PDF
Marcus Tomalin
No 53 (2019) Maximiliaan van Woudenberg, Coleridge and Cosmopolitan Intellectualism 1794–1804: The Legacy of Göttingen University Abstract   HTML   PDF
Chris Townsend
No 49 (2017) Meiko O'Halloran, James Hogg and British Romanticism: A Kaleidoscopic Art Abstract   HTML   PDF
Holly Faith Nelson
No 51 (2018) Michael D. Hurley and Marcus Waithe (eds.), Thinking through Style: Non-Fiction Prose of the Long Nineteenth Century Abstract   HTML   PDF
Andrew Hodgson
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