Conference Announcement: The Blackwood’s Bicentenary

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Please see below for details of a really exciting-sounding bicentenary conference for Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine that Tom Mole and Nicholas Mason are organising in Edinburgh next year.

The Blackwood’s Bicentenary

being, thirty-six hours of heady discourse, heated debate and Ambrosian nights in Edinburgh

24th-25th July 2017, University of Edinburgh

The Tent

AFTER a tumultuous and decidedly dull first six months as the Edinburgh Monthly, William Blackwood’s magazine underwent a thorough rebranding for its now-legendary October 1817 issue.  On the 200th anniversary of what remains one of the boldest launches in British periodical history, we will return to the scene of Blackwood’s founding, assembling hoary-headed Blackwoodians and fledgling scholars alike for two days of debate about Maga’s highs and lows and its enduring legacies in literary, cultural, and political history.

Organizers: Nicholas Mason (Brigham Young U.) and Tom Mole (U. of Edinburgh)
Committee: David Finkelstein (U. of Edinburgh), Robert Irvine (U. of Edinburgh), Anthony Jarrells (U. of South Carolina), Jon Klancher (Carnegie-Mellon U.), David Latané (Virginia Commonwealth U.)
Sponsors: Centre for the History of the Book (U. of Edinburgh), Romantics Bicentennials series (Keats-Shelley Association of America), Studies in Scottish Literature

Keynote Speakers: Mark Parker (James Madison U.) and Joanne Shattock (U. of Leicester)

One of the featured events in the KSAA’s Romantic Bicentennials series, this two-day symposium will run from the morning of Monday, July 24, through the night of Tuesday, July 25.  This will allow interested participants to make it to York for the opening sessions of BARS 2017 on July 27.

All sessions will be held at the U. of Edinburgh, and participants will be responsible for arranging their own accommodations in the city. Fees will be approximately £50, excluding a symposium-ending banquet at a local restaurant.

Submit 250-word paper proposals to
or by 1 March 2017.