Various Byron CFPs and Bursaries

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The Byron Society are organising a number of conferences and sponsored panels in 2022, and offering bursaries. So we have decided to make it easier for you to find this information, by putting it all in one place!

Below are details of upcoming events and application deadlines…

Call For Papers – Byron and Loss

Newstead Abbey Byron Society Annual Conference

23rd-24th April, 2022 at Newstead Abbey

Postponed since 2020, this conference aptly marks the bicentenary of a troubling year plagued by loss. George III had lost his life and, many would argue, George IV lost what little shreds remained of his dignity, pursuing his errant wife with hypocritical vengeance during the so-called Queen Caroline Affair. The monarchy and government had lost the trust of the people, and many of them would have lost their lives had the Cato Street Conspiracy succeeded. Meanwhile Byron, now in the fourth year of his self-imposed exile, was rapidly losing his hair, teeth, famous good looks, and – some might argue – his dignity. It is against this backdrop that he became interested in Italian politics, or rather the loss of political authority and national autonomy.

To mark the year of 1820, and in recognition of the troubling experiences of the past two years, we welcome papers considering the theme of Byron and loss.

More details here. Submissions by 1st February 2022. 

Call for Papers (and bursaries): Snakes and Eagles in 1822

The Byron Society is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring a panel at The Shelley Conference 2022 (#Shelley200) and providing bursaries of £150.00 each for three speakers. 

Charles E. Robinson notably described Shelley and Byron as the ‘snake and eagle wreathed in fight’, lifting and adapting a phrase from Shelley’s The Revolt of Islam. His phrase captures the commonalities and contrasts of these two young poets, both idealistic and embittered by turns, whose close but often fraught friendship developed during a period of astounding personal and poetic productivity.

The friendships, collaborations, and cross-fertilizations which occurred between Percy Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Lord Byron and their peers during this period have proved a source of endless fascination – both in academic scholarship and popular culture. To celebrate this period and commemorate Shelley’s untimely demise, we are  sponsoring a drinks reception at the Shelley Conference 2022 (at Keats House in London) and also inviting proposals for a sponsored panel expanding our understanding of the ways in which Byron and Shelley complemented and undermined each other.

More details here. Submissions by 31st March 2022. 

Call for Papers (and bursaries): Byronic Modes of Rebellion

The Byron Society is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring a panel at the 2022 BARS/NASSR annual conference on the theme Byronic Modes of Rebellion, and providing bursaries of £250.00 each for three speakers.

Rebellion comes in a myriad of forms, from teenage angst and misanthropic brooding to political, sexual and religious forms of resistance.

From his carefully rumpled ‘poetic’ attire and sexual preferences, to his involvement with revolutionary groups in Italy and Greece, Byron was and remains an inherently rebellious figure.

The same is true of his poetry, with its daring new forms and highly contentious treatment of sexual, political and religious themes. The poetry of the early 1820s was steeped in rebellious impulses, from the provocative representations of Christianity in works such as Cain: A Mystery and subversive political polemics embedded in Sardanapalus and Don Juan VIII-IX, to the depictions of actual revolutions in the historic dramas.

A subversive figure in his own era, in the last fifty years Byron and the Byronic hero have become stock figures of defiance and resistance to established norms, from David Bowie’s persona of ‘screaming Lord Byron’ to the fictional superheroes Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark. We are inviting proposals for this sponsored panel around the topic of Byronic modes of rebellion. In recognition of the overall focus of the conference, papers focusing on 20th and 21st century elements are preferred.

More details here. Submissions by 31st March 2022.