Announcement: ‘Mary Hays: Life, Writings, and Correspondence’

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‘Mary Hays: Life, Writings, and Correspondence’ is a fully searchable website now open to the public.

The site presents the most complete accounting to date of the life and career of Mary Hays (1759-1843).  The site provides students and scholars with access to all pertinent materials related to Hays, especially her extensive correspondence, including some 90 letters by her close friend Eliza Fenwick (1766-1840) appearing for the first time in their entirety.



More than 400 letters, fully annotated, can be found in this collection. The site also includes the complete texts of all her periodical writings (1784-1800) and all reviews of her own writings, as well as the complete text of Cursory Remarks (1792) and much of Letters and Essays(1793). The site contains the first complete genealogy of Hays, including the discovery of her previously unknown youngest sister, Marianna Hays (1773-97), and her numerous nephews and nieces, including the radical feminist writer Matilda Mary Hays (1820-97), not previously known to have been Hays’s niece.

Biographical notices of more than 100 individuals connected with Mary Hays can also be found on the site. Much of the new material on Hays has come from the diary, reminiscences, and correspondence of her long-time friend and relation through marriage, Henry Crabb Robinson (1775-1867). The material on the site situates Hays within a vibrant culture of religious Dissent for the entirety of her life, a culture that both gives rise to her writing aspirations and circumscribes them thereafter.

The site has been created and compiled by Timothy Whelan, Georgia Southern University.