Romantic Circles: New Volumes Announcement

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We are happy to announce that Romantic Circles has just published two new volumes.

From RC Praxis: Latin American Afterlives, edited by Olivia Loksing Moy and Marco Ramírez Rojas, investigates the afterlives of British Romantic poets in the Hispanophone world with an emphasis on Latin American authors. Essays from Stephen M. Hart & Jordan Hart, Juan Jesús Payán, Omar F. Miranda, Gabriel Insausti, Marco Ramírez Rojas, and Olivia Loksing Moy compose this collection of echoes, reflections, and translations of the English Romantics in Spanish and Portuguese (click here to access).

From RC Pedagogies Commons: Teaching Romanticism in the Anthropocene, edited by Chris Washington, proposes an intersectional Romantic pedagogy of resistance to human-made climate change in the Anthropocene. The contributors variously demonstrate across texts, periods, and media that such a pedagogy rejects ideas about ‘humans as one unified species’ and seeks instead a dialogue between race, class, gender, sexuality, nonhumans, and queer alignments, among others (click here to access).