New Essays on Felicia Hemans

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Kate Singer and Nanora Sweet have guest-edited Beyond Domesticity: Felicia Hemans in the Wider World, a special issue of Women’s Writing (21.1). This first journal issue devoted to the prolific and influential Hemans is available free to all throughout 2014 for a 7-day trial:

The issue’s seven contributors challenge Hemans’s association with the domestic and the familiar, finding her instead a speculative thinker and innovative artist immersed in the Revolutionary, Napoleonic, and reform eras of her lifetime (1793-1835).

Contributors include Barbara D. Taylor on power struggle over “the domestic” in Hemans’s juvenilia, Michael T. Williamson on Winckelmann and Pindaric ode in Hemans, Helen Luu on the deconstruction of “woman” in Records of Woman, Amy L. Gates on Bentham’s Auto-Icon and Hemans’s effigies, Michael O’Neill on posthumous Shelleyan swerves in her verse, Christopher Stokes on extremity and residue in the late “prayer” poems, and Diego Saglia on the adroit international poetics of her late secular work.

Books by Yaël Schlick, Ann R. Hawkins and Maura Ives, Orianne Smith, and Noah Comet are reviewed respectively by Margaret Higonnet, Eric Eisner, Deborah Kennedy, and Shanyn Fiske.