Digital Edition: Keats’s annotated copy of Paradise Lost

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Daniel Johnson (Univ. of Notre Dame), Beth Lau (California State Univ., Long Beach), and Greg Kucich (Univ. of Notre Dame) wish to announce the official launch of their digital edition of Keats’s heavily annotated copy of Milton’s Paradise Lost (2 vols., 1807).

The edition features page scans of Keats’s book, showing the entirety of the poem and all of Keats’s notes and markings. The viewer can zoom in for closer inspection and rotate pages to follow Keats’s writing around the margins. Each page scan is accompanied by transcriptions of the corresponding lines of Milton’s poem, Keats’s underscoring and vertical marginal lines, and Keats’s notes. 

Users can move from page to page, note to note, book to book of Paradise Lost, and from one volume of Keats’s edition to the other.  The site also includes a scholarly introduction, bibliography on Keats and Milton, and editorial notes.  The digital edition of Keats’s Paradise Lost makes widely available this valuable source of information about Keats’s reading practices and response to Milton’s epic poem.

They invite everyone to visit and explore the website.