New BARS Communications Assistant

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We’re delighted to welcome our new BARS Communications Assistant, Dr Jack Orchard!

Jack Orchard is the Communications Assistant on the BARS Blog. He is a Post-Doctoral Researcher with the Elizabeth Montagu’s Correspondence Online project at Swansea University, and his research focuses on late eighteenth-century reading practices, literary criticism and women’s correspondence, as well as the parallels between eighteenth-century reading practices and contemporary media engagement.

As BARS Communications Assistant he will be responsible for maintaining the BARS Blog alongside Dr Anna Mercer and Dr Emily Paterson-Morgan.

The ‘Archive Spotlight’ blog will continue to focus on showcasing and exploring physical archives and archival research, but will also now address digital projects as well. ‘On This Day’ will continue to explore the anniversaries of significant, interesting, or amusing, events from the Romantic era, and the new ‘Romanticism Now’ series will focus on Romanticism in pop culture; Historical Fictions, Period Films and TV Drama, Video Games and more.

He will also be assisting with circulating news about Calls for Papers and other events in the Romantic Studies community, if you’d like to be a contributor to any of these Blog series’ or have an event you’d like to circulate, please get in touch

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