Anti-Racist Pedagogies Teach-in

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Refusals, Redactions and Divestments

Anti-Racist Pedagogies Teach-in 

1 September 2022 10am -3pm EST

Join here by Zoom

The Woman of Colour Facebook Group, UTSA English, the K-SAA and Colby College

In this Teach-in we will explore dynamics and refusals at work in anti-racist pedagogies in traditionally white disciplines of Eighteenth-Century Studies, Romanticism, and Nineteenth-Century Studies. 

v What are persisting points of obscurity in praxis aiming to be fully anti-racist and how might these be addressed?

v What is in danger of being ‘redacted’ (Christina Sharpe) as white fields incorporate Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian and decolonial studies? 

v What must be continually divested in anti-racist pedagogical praxis?

10am-12pm Plenary talks and Discussion  

v Global Literatures & Cultures in the Romantic Period Editorial Collective

v Middle Eastern North Africa Mariam Wassif (Carnegie-Mellon University)

v Queer Studies and Intersectionality Jeremy Chow (Bucknell University)

1pm-3pm Workshops and Discussion

1.     J. Ereck Jarvis: Black Redactions

2.     Mariam Wassif: Middle Eastern/North Africa Diaspora in the period

3.     Jeremy Chow: Queer Intersectionalities

4.     Kristina Huang: Dedicated session on The Woman of Colour (1808)

5.     Shelby Johnson: Indigenous Sexuality and Gender Studies

6.     Sam Plasencia: Designing Anti-Racist Assignments