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Very pleased to announce that the website for Romantic Imprints, BARS’ 2015 International Conference, is now live.  Of particular interest will be the page on panels, which contains a list of the open call sessions (with a document giving fuller details) and gives information on a number of themed panels which will take place at the conference.  Abstracts are due on February 14th and should be submitted to  I’d just like to flag up that I’m looking for participants for a Digital Communications roundtable (one of the open call sessions) – this won’t involve full papers, but rather short (5 minute) introductions to panelist’s digital work, followed by wide-ranging discussion.  If you’d be interested in taking part in this, please submit a short (150-200 word proposal) to the conference email address – fuller details are on the document linked above.

You can also receive updates on the conference via Twitter and Facebook.