Stephen Copley Postgraduate Research Awards

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A message from Daniel Cook on this year’s Copley Bursary recipients:

I’m delighted to announce the recipients of the Stephen Copley Postgraduate Research Award for 2015. I say this every year, it seems, but we received a particularly large number of strong applications in this round and, as a gauge of current doctoral work in Romantic studies, the field is as vibrant and as varied as ever. Once the awardees have completed their proposed research trips they will each write a brief report; these will be posted to the BARS Blog.

Please join me in congratulating the winners:

Rees Arnott-Davies (Birkbeck)
Amy Boyington (Cambridge)
Catherine Gadsby-Mace (Sheffield)
Grace Harvey (Lincoln)
Anna Mercer (York)
Jonathan Quayle (Newcastle)