Baylor University Conference: The Uses of ‘Religion’ in 19th-Century Studies

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Uses of Religion in Nineteenth Century Studies

BARS members who can make it to Texas in the spring are invited by the organisers to attend “The Uses of ‘Religion’ in 19th-Century Studies”, a conference at Baylor University, which will be held in the Armstrong Browning Library from March 16-19, 2016. A list of panels, speakers, and presentations can be seen here.

The conference features an international and interdisciplinary group of scholars who will participate in a variety of panels to examine how the category “religion” was constructed and deployed in nineteenth-century literature and culture, and to reflect self-critically on how scholarship invokes that category now. The conference will feature presentations by literary scholars, historians, art historians, and scholars of religion and theology that will extend our understanding of the uses of “religion” as a category and inform future academic conversation.

“The Uses of ‘Religion’ in 19th-Century Studies” conference, including a special concert on the Friday, is free to all who wish to attend. Registration is only required for those who are not on the program and plan to eat meals on Thursday and/or Friday (March 17 and/or March 18). The registration fees are $90 for meals on both days and $50 for meals on one day. Conference registration is now open.