Editorial Transitions

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Over the past few years, BARS has begun to conduct a lot more of its activities online – as well as the website, we now have this active blog, the BARS Exchange, The BARS Review and our social media accounts on Twitter (which I co-run with Dan Cook) and Facebook.

Keeping all of these things updated at this point is a rather bigger job than it was when I originally took up the position of Website Editor, so the Executive has decided to appoint a second person to edit the blog so that I can work on improving our (somewhat ancient) main website and continue enhancing the Review.  From this point forward, therefore, Anna Mercer – who you’ll already know from the long-running series of On This Day posts that she’s curated – will be taking over the editorship here.  She’ll now be the first point of contact for submitting material for posting and for conference reports, as well as for On This Day.  She’s been a joy to work with over the past year, so I’m very glad to be placing the blog in an extremely capable pair of hands.

I’ll still pop up here occasionally and will keep editing the Five Questions series for the moment, but over the next few months, I’ll be turning my attention to the main site in order to try and make this a better resource for the association.  If anyone has suggestions about things that they’d like to see as part of an updated site, I’d be very grateful to hear these.