Stephen Copley Research Awards 2021 – The Winners

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Stephen Copley Research Awards 2021

The BARS Executive Committee established the Stephen Copley bursary scheme in order to support postgraduate and early-career research within the UK. The bursaries primarily fund expenses incurred through travel to libraries and archives necessary for the applicant’s research, but the remit was this year expanded to include other research-focused costs, such as (but not limited to) photocopying, scanning, and childcare. Please do join us in congratulating the very worthy winners. Romanticism is alive and kicking, we’re pleased to say!

  • Alexander Abichou (Durham University)
  • Amanda Blake Davis (University of Sheffield)
  • Edward Hardiman (Keele University)
  • Emma Stanbridge (Keele University)
  • Maddy Pelling (University of York)
  • Jordan Welsh (University of Essex)
  • Zachary Garber (University of Oxford)

Once they have completed their research projects, as far as the bursary scheme is concerned, each winner will write a brief report. These reports will be published on the website and circulated through our social media. For more information about the bursaries, including reports from past winners, please visit our website:

– Daniel Cook (Bursaries Officer)