Comments Off on UCSL-BARS Bursary

In association with the Universities Committee for Scottish Literature (UCSL), BARS is delighted to confirm the continuance of the jointly funded Scottish Romanticism Research Award scheme, which is open to postgraduates and early career scholars anywhere in the world who wish to conduct archival research in Scotland.

Postgraduates and postdoctoral scholars working in any area of Scottish literature (1740-1830) may apply for the jointly funded BARS-UCSL Scottish Romanticism Research Award.  The executive committees of the British Association for Romantic Studies (BARS) and the Universities Committee for Scottish Literature (UCSL) have established the award to help fund expenses incurred through travel to Scottish libraries and archives, including universities other than the applicant’s own, up to a maximum of £300.  A postgraduate may be a current or recent Master’s student (within two years of graduation) or a PhD candidate; a postdoctoral scholar is defined as someone who holds a PhD but does not hold a permanent academic post.  

Recognising the extraordinary pressures placed on travel at this time, we have moved the deadline to the end of the calendar year. If you have any queries about this scheme, and for more details, please click here.