BARS Digital Events 2021-22 Season

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Thankyou to BARS members and friends for attending and now proposing events for BARS Digital Events! Get your free tickets for the next season of events below – please book for each individual event via Eventbrite, click on the title of the event to go to the booking page. Click here to see more about the BARS Digital Events Series.



18 November 2021, 5pm GMT

Zany Romanticism

As the field of Romanticism in the past few decades has broadened to allow more comedy into understandings of it, we believe it’s time for an increasing sophistication in our attention to comedy, including to its particular manifestations and embodiments, including in the zany. Building on the work of other scholars who’ve illuminated our sense of Romantic satire, theater, and other comic writing, this roundtable will focus on Zany Romanticism drawing greater attention to the ways that Romantic writers understand aesthetic production as a tense commingling of “artful play” and “affective labor.” More broadly, a commitment to examining Zany Romanticism helps bring into greater view more of the period’s various “beset agents” and their forms of often ignored or unrecognized labor.

Our speakers will be Brian Rejack (Illinois State), Rebecca Schneider (Fort Lewis College), Kate Singer (Mount Holyoke), and Michael Theune (Illinois Wesleyan University).

9 December 2021, 5pm GMT

Irish Women, Bodies, and the Gothic Tradition

In Irish literature from the eighteenth century well into the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, the Gothic tradition has been shaped by the spectrality and the perceived vulnerability of the female body. Absent presences and present absences, the female body is often erased even as it serves as the necessary site for the establishment of national community, politics, and tradition. At the same time, that body can also be hyper sexualized in ways that threaten traditional expectations of women as reproductive agents, pointing to the contradictory position women occupy in the biopolitical processes central to the formation of modern national Irish identity. This roundtable will consider the paradoxical role of women and feminized others in the long tradition of the Irish Gothic.

Our speakers include Matthew L. Reznicek (Creighton University), Ellen Scheible (Bridgewater State University), Sean Aldrich O’Rourke (University of Limerick), Christina Morin (University of Limerick).

27 January 2022, 5pm GMT

Digital Burns Night II

After the success of the first Digital Burns Night Supper, this event is returning in 2022. Our virtual Burns Night will follow the order of toasts and entertainments at a traditional Burns Supper to structure an academic event celebrating Burns, Scotland, and Romanticism. We invite the audience to come prepared with examples of poetry to read aloud or perform.

Our participants include Andrew McInnes (Edge Hill University), Jennifer Orr (Newcastle University), Gerard McKeever (University of Stirling), Rita Dashwood (Edge Hill University), Zayneb Allak (Edge Hill University), Ainsley McIntosh (Independent scholar), and Angela Wright (University of Sheffield).

24 February 2022, 7pm GMT ***PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF TIME***

New Directions in Romantic Literature and Law 

This roundtable charts new directions in Romantic textual engagements with law, justice and juridical discourse. Moving beyond established approaches to theorising the disciplinary relationship between law and literature, the presenters draw on a range of disciplines, including legal and social history, legal theory, media and gender studies, to offer a rich and nuanced account of the complex relationships between literature and law in the Romantic era. Taking the interplay of legal and fictional narratives as a common thread, these papers attend to law as a creative impulse, a subject for interrogation and a regulatory paradigm.

Our speakers will include Alison Daniell (University of Southampton), Amy Clarke (The Open University), Melissa J. Ganz (Princeton University), Sarah Ailwood (University of Wollongong).

24 March 2022, 5pm GMT Rescheduled due to UCU Strike Action: now 28 April 2022, 5pm GMT

Radical Connections: A Digital Show and Tell

This roundtable will attempt to bridge the two fields of revolutionary politics and transnational cultural exchange by looking at the circulation of radical texts in translation, not only across the Channel but also to and from Italian. It will feature exploratory research conducted by the team of the AHRC-funded project ‘Radical Translations: The Transfer of Revolutionary Culture between Britain, France and Italy (1789-1815)’, which has unearthed ca. 800 translations of texts seeking to extend ideas of equality and rights to new publics across linguistic, social, and geographical borders.

Our speakers include Sanja Perovic (King’s College London), Rosa Mucignat (King’s College London), Nigel Ritchie (King’s College London), Will Bowers (Queen Mary University of London).

21 April 2022, 5pm BST

Romantic Theatre Studies: state-of-the-field and new ways forward

The seminar builds on the research and teaching experience of five speakers operating in four national contexts (Ireland, Italy, UK, USA) to draw a tentative map of the evolving domain of Theatre Studies from a transdisciplinary and multinational perspective. Each panellist will present their present and future engagement with Romantic Theatre Studies by way of their research projects and current scholarship. Among the topics discussed in this seminar: Theatre and Disability, Theatre Econom(etr)ics, Theatre and Celebrity, Theatre and Gender, Opening the Romantic Theatre Canon. Issues of pedagogy and stage revival will be addressed as well, with Romantic Theatre in the classroom, on stage and in the canon. Two speakers will be able to share their experience as major EU-funded awardees, addressing the call of/for public-facing humanities and Theatre Studies.

Our speakers include Sarah Burdett (St Mary’s University), Helen Dallas (University of Oxford), Essaka Joshua (The University of Notre Dame), David O’Shaughnessy (NUI Galway), Francesca Saggini (University of Edinburgh).

19 May 2022, 5pm BST

The Visual Life of Romantic Theatre

This BARS roundtable will showcase some of the innovative work being undertaken for The Visual Life of Romantic Theatre, 1780-1830 (forthcoming, U Michigan Press), which offers a sustained examination of the dynamism and vibrancy—what we call “life”—of theatrical spectacle and its impact on society and culture, bringing it from the periphery to the centre in Romantic scholarship.

Our speakers include Diane Piccitto (Mount Saint Vincent University), Terry F. Robinson (University of Toronto), Susan Brown (University of Prince Edward Island), Uri Erman (Shalem College), Danny O’Quinn (University of Guelph), Deven Parker (Queen Mary University of London), and Dana Van Kooy (Michigan Technological University).

16 June 2022, 5pm BST

Poetic Form and Biological Form

This roundtable will address the explosion of experimental ideas about form in literature and the natural sciences in the Romantic period, seeking to generate insight and discussion on questions relating to poetics, biology, botany, epistemology and more. It will explore questions of life, form, method, sensation, mind-world relations, and aim to establish connections with current models of emergent, enmeshed, and self-assembling forms to build on the wealth of recent scholarship relating to Romanticism and natural science.

Our speakers include Tom Marshall (Queen Mary University of London), Merrilees Roberts (Independent Scholar), Nick Dodd (University of Leeds), Richard C. Sha (American University), Rowan Boyson (King’s College London), and Sharon Ruston (University of Lancaster).

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