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We’re very glad to announce that the BARS Bulletin & Review has now morphed into a freely-available online journal: The BARS Review.  Please see below for a copy of the notification sent to BARS members by the editorial team.

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Dear BARS members,

You may be wondering why you still haven’t received the next number of the BARS Bulletin & Review; the reason for the delay is that we’ve been busy at work behind the scenes preparing for the Bulletin’s re-launch as The BARS Review, which you can now access via this link:

The BARS Review will, like its predecessor, provide timely and comprehensive coverage of new monographs, essay collections, editions and other works dealing with the literature, history and culture of the Romantic period, broadly conceived. It will be published twice-yearly, in Spring and Autumn numbers.

Unlike the Bulletin, however, The BARS Review will be available online as an open-access journal. This will make the publication accessible to a wider readership and will allow the contents to be indexed, configured, filtered and searched both through the site’s built-in functions and using search engines. Individual reviews can be read and downloaded in html or pdf formats. A pdf compilation of all the reviews in each number can be downloaded for printing or for reading on electronic devices.

Currently, No. 44, the inaugural number of The BARS Review ( and No. 43 of the Bulletin ( are available in full through The BARS Review website. Some older issues of the Bulletin will be added to the archive in the course of time; at present, however, these remain available for download through the main BARS website:

The BARS Review will focus exclusively on reviews, but we look forward to keeping members updated on conferences and other events via our mailing list, website, the BARS Blog (, our Facebook page (!/groups/192798244079736/) and our Twitter account (@BARS_official), which we hope you’ll continue to follow with interest.

New reviewers and recommendations for reviews are always welcome, so please send any expressions of interest to the Editor, Susan Valladares ( We’d also be very grateful for any feedback and suggestions regarding the new format.

We hope that you enjoy reading The BARS Review.

With very best wishes from the editorial team:

Susan Valladares (Editor)
Ian Haywood and Susan Oliver (General Editors)
Matthew Sangster (Technical Editor)