The International Conference

The International Conference

The BARS International Conference has a long history of successful four-day events attended by eminent Romanticists and emerging scholars from Britain and abroad.  The conferences are held biennially in odd-numbered years and showcase the new work being done in the field of Romantic studies through panel sessions and addresses by invited plenary speakers.  Conference programmes also typically include trips to Romantic locations and provide plenty of opportunities for conviviality, networking and the sharing of enthusiasms.  Details of all the past International Conferences can be found below.  In the past, BARS has occasionally organised additional conferences; these events are detailed at the bottom of the page.  In addition to these events, BARS now organises regular Early Career and Postgraduate Conferences.

The 19th International Conference, ‘Romantic Making and Unmaking’, will be held at the University of Glasgow and online in late July and early August 2024.  More details can be found on the dedicated conference site.

Past International Conferences

New Romanticisms (Edge Hill University, 2022 – organised jointly with the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism (NASSR))

Romantic Disconnections/Reconnections (Online, 2021)

Romantic Facts and Fantasies (University of Nottingham, 2019)

Romantic Improvement (University of York, 2017)

Romantic Imprints (Cardiff University, 2015)

Romantic Imports and Exports (University of Southampton, 2013)

Enlightenment, Romanticism & Nation (University of Glasgow, 2011)

Romantic Circulations (Roehampton University, 2009)

Emancipation, Liberation, Freedom (University of Bristol, 2007 – organised jointly with the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism (NASSR))

Romanticism’s Debateable Lands (University of Newcastle, 2005)

Romantic Conflict (University of Warwick, 2003)

Sustaining Romanticism (University of Liverpool, 2001)

Romantic Revelations (Keele University, 1999)

Romantic Generations (University of Leeds, 1997)

Placing and Displacing Romanticism (University of Wales, Bangor, 1995)

Romanticism and Nationalism (University of Strathclyde, 1993)

Romanticism and the Picturesque (Gregynog Hall, Wales, 1991)

Reviewing Romanticism (St Alfred’s College, Winchester, 1989)

Supernumerary Conferences

1814: War, Peace, and Publication (Institute of English Studies, 2014)

Commemorating Mary Robinson (University of Warwick, 2000)

1798 and its Implications (the first joint conference of BARS and NASSR, St Mary’s University College, 1998)